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Undeletable junk in my TEMP folder

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This one is odd. Ever since I've been playing with WAIK & Windows 7 I've slowly (but surely) seen my HD space shrink in size. Didn't care because I was obviously doing a heck of a lot of testing with DISM/MDT/etc... and used quite a few different distribution folders. Now I want to wipe the slate clean, something XP doesn't seem to do; it's become quite attached to what looks like a massive amount of temporary Windows 7 files/folders (~3GB)

All these files are under Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temp\winsxs\windows\extremely_huge_folder_name_with_windows7_version_info. I thought at first it was just a stupid case of path too long... renames winsxs & windows, but was still getting access denied on all child folders & files. To top it off the Security tab is non existant to any type of admin account and even the System account.

Can't delete from recovery console/WinPE/Safe Mode. Access denied all the way. chkdsk scan for errors & fix them revealed no problems.

I know of the winsxs in Vista & W7, and how they are much better off left alone, for good reasons... but at least they don't appear in the damned TEMP folder.......

It seems they appeared from trying to catalog a new WIM folder in WAIK and it crashed... it also crashed my WAIK completely because it won't catalog ANYTHING in XP anymore. Uninstalling didn't fix that issue.

If it was a few MBs, sure, don't care... but 3GB?? HDs at work are small enough as it is, and I only noticed it because I really needed some space (was down to under 4GB left).

Anybody know of a way to get rid of those or at least a tool that will circumvent NTFS to some degree on file deletion? MS really shouldn't of put these insane barriers around that **** winsxs folder... TEMP folder or not.

Decided to put this here, as it's directly related to Windows 7 & the WAIK being the cause, maybe someone else ran into this while trying to create an XML. Or maybe can check that folder specifically if it exists (hoping someone uses XP & WAIK and not just Vista/W7 & WAIK)


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Documents and Settings is not a real folder. It's a junction point. Try going to the real folder and see if you get the permission tab. It's should be in <drive>:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp.

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Nah, I know that on Windows 7, but this is on Windows XP, 'caused by playing on Windows 7 through the WAIK/MDT. So it really is under Docs & Settings with this scenario.

It's odd as hell... I got some enterprise admins try a few things remotely and they are as baffled as me. Seems I'm looking at a format to get that space back.

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create this in a C:\XPtemp.cmd

title Deleteting Temp - Please Wait
cd %homedrive%%homepath%
attrib -R -A -S -H "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\*.*" /S /D
rd /s/q "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\temp"
md "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\temp"

save this reg and import, reboot it should be gone.

Deletes the cmd file also you can remove that

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Title"="Deleteting Temp - Please Wait"


@="Temp Killer"

"1"="cmd /c \"C:\\XPtemp.cmd\""

"2"="cmd /c DEL \"C:\\XPtemp.cmd\""

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