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Windows XP activation question


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Hi to all.

Is windows XP (all editions of x86 and x64) does not require any activation like windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (all editions of x86 and x64). Some where in magazine i read that, when Microsoft released XP first in 2001, they restricted the functionality of Win XP only to 30 days before activation. After 30 days if any one have to use XP, they compulsory activate their XP through Phone or internet. But later released versions of XP (without integration of any SP, in 2003 and 2004) they already activated XP editions and they released to public. Now what we are using XP editons are activated in this manner only. Is this true. I would like to know detailed information about this.


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I can't give you all the information, but I can hopefully explain a little. Retail and OEM (DSP) copies of Windows have a 30 day activation timer. After 30 days, you must activate in order to use Windows further. There are other copies of Windows installed by OEMs (the kind where you only get a recovery disk with the computer) that you do not have to activate. In fact, you can't activate them. The activation is done by the OEM company (like Dell, HP) before the computer is sold to the distributor, store or end user. So actually, they are activated before ending up in your hands, so from your point of view, they do not get activated.

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