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DISM issues

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Well, I just took my modified WIM, removed the RC RSAT, added the RTM RSAT and re-installed after re-doing the Foundation package in my autounattend.xml and everything works perfectly fine.

I don't want to accuse anybody of anything, but you did get your RTM off MS's website right? Not some leaked torrent?

Did you customize something on your image? Have you tried on a clean install of an unmodified image? Simply can't recreate the problem.

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BOO! I gotta reinstall again?? LoL! Thankfully, I'm backing up my media on another partition, and not backing up across the network.

But no, its a legit copy. =] Its our company's copy, as far as I know, it was obtained via MSDN subscription. We have a 64-bit and 32-bit version, I tried the 64-bit, but found out that our email hosting company doesn't support 64-bit Office applications, and had to revert, talk about frustrating.

I guess my next step is contact Microsoft, and see what they say. Just annoying contacting them, cuz it takes FOREVER to get any answers out of them. Thanks again for everyone's help. *cheers*

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I have a Win7 Ultimate RTM box here, and I just installed the RTM RSAT tools and the RTM WAIK, and the command seems to work fine. Not sure why it's failing for you, but it does work as it's supposed to here. Seems like perhaps your install is ... behaving oddly?

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