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Windows 7 WTF audio driver problem

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Ok guys Im not a noob, but i am to this forum.

So im putting this one out here. Ive used vlite before in vista 64 but i have an issue here that i need to solve. let me tell you how it began;

The other morning i got a hold of a fresh copy of win 7 build 7600 x64 from a friend that i know is a msds paid subscriber and runs his own shop, as i do. I know this came straight off msds cause i watched him get it, and burn it.

Ive been running 7 rc1 x64 and love it, and wanted to go to the next level :blink:

All was well, install, perfect, everything, UNTIL.....

i run an Asus xonar dx pcie audio card as i use this box in a club playing music videos and dj stuff, plus run the lighting and so on. (For those of you that dont know thats a cmedia oxygen dolby ic or otherwise known as the famed auzentech card in drag.... :rolleyes: )

never had any problemes with any of it until i installed the audio card software. Soon as the reboot came up i lost the 32 bit side of IE8. but the 64 bit side ran fine.

So i tried all the usual stuff that anyone might think of, and eventually called microsoft since anything that concerns IE8 is free til dec 31. and guess what happened next?

NONE of the phone tech staff at Microsoft has been trained to remove or otherwise deal with ANYTHING involving the combination of windows 7 and IE8. I had the dude apologizing on the phone cause he said "we have not been trained for this problem yet and I have no resorces to check" and at that point i was not the least bit suprised either so i got a case number and he said and i quote "If you can resolve this problem PLEASE LET US KNOW" which really made my morning...... :whistle:

So my idea is to load my audio card driver and its software into it using vlite and keep my fingers crossed,

but ive been here before- i tried that once in vista and i was able to get the driver ok, but not the control software and gui for the card. thats the probelem.i have to have the GUI to enable the headphone function oout the rear jack for the video dj software.

I noticed on page 1 that ie8 is not something that can be removed, what about substituting for IE7? if i could launch ie8 AFTER the audio rig is installed, then everything might be fine.

If anyone has a clue Id love to hear it. cause i have a clean iso, and a clean key to run it. dying to try it

til then im stuck in rc1 x64, and everything runs fine here.

the other things id like to dump is media player 12, and media center. the rest i can live with.

thanks and ill be watching.

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