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Win 7 Vlited for Media Centre Use


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IMO Microsoft have missed a trick not offering a Media Centre specific edition of Win 7 - a version you could install on a dedicated media centre without having to install all the other stuff you are probably never going to use. As a complete novice my attempts at creating my own stripped down Media Centre version of Win 7 have so far been unsatisfactory and trying to reintroduce Media Centre into available presets by unselecting the dependencies highlighted by Vlite has not worked well either. I simply do not have the depth of understanding to create a greatly reduced Win 7 opperting system that is geared towards running Medica Centre. I am therefore starting this thread in the hope that those who are more knowledgeable and have been more successful than me might share their insights and make available any presets that they might have for others to try. I appologies in advance if this is a replication of an already existing thread that I am unaware of.

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Good call. I am also interested in this too and have been spending many hours trying to understand what can and cannot be removed. I have a spare atom 330 with an 8gb IDE DOM and would like to bung in in my bedroom just to watch recorded tv and media from my WHS it will do nothing else.

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