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Bootable exFAT flash drive?


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Could you be a little more specific as to exactly what you're trying to do?

Any flash media, whether stick or camera card, can be made to boot up a PC,

but only into the DOS environment.

All such media are formatted in the FAT or FAT-32 mode.

I have created bootable flash sticks that will boot up most any PC and run,

Ghost, Partition Magic 8, CheckItPro, Spinrite and many other


All you need is the HP program to format a flash drive and a suitable source

for the 3 DOS boot files.

I don't know if I'm allowed to post the links to those things here.

So I won't..... at the risk of being politically incorrect. :whistle:


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You can make an exFAT drive bootable for WinCE 6.0 devices via BIOSLoader, but I do not believe that there's a version of windows yet that would support booting from the filesystem.

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