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Install from PenDrive - Dual Boot Install ?

Neo - Matrix

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Hi Guys,

Well i´m greatfull for Pendrive install for windows 7 ... and i´m also using Windows vista the same way. it save´s me from CD´s and help a lot with netbooks in general.

But i want more ... didn´t find using search, so i decide to ask.

Can i have a DualBooting Pendrive, or something similar to AIO setup from Pendrive.

I would like to Have Windows 7 both X86 and X64 and Also Windows Vista X86 and X64 - from a pendrive Install.

I will really help me ... i can add other things latter like, XP and maybe ubuntu ... but

Is it possible to do it ? Can Windows 7 Setup run a menu to choose either to setup Windows Vista or Seven, from the different flavors ?

Or something like the WAIK to creat the .WIM images of the versions i wan´t like the old Windows Vista AIO from WinBeta ... and ther i can choose the X86 ou X64 version of Windows 7 and also from Vista from the same setup !?

Any great help i will thanks a lot.

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