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question - \start menu\programs\


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I am coming from winxp (skipped vista). In xp I could rearrange

the layout of programs from start button -> all programs by

going to \Documents and Settings\Start Menu\Programs and

moving things around there. I would have thought \Users but

it doesn't seem to be there.

I have my display settings at 1280 x 1024 and the icons are

rather large is there a setting to change the default desktop icon size?

Oh and the MB sound card (intel something) and the SB live don't work

I am thinking of going with the turtle beach montegro and wonder if

anyone can confirm if win7 has drivers for it. Otherwise any pci

cards that definitely work with win7?


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programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu

users\<account name>\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\start menu

For icons, right click desktop > View > Icons (Small, Medium, Large)

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Win 7 auto installed my sound blaster 5.1 live gamer card its old, and also the audigy 4 pro. There is no support for the joystick port so you will always see a flag in device manger, but its only for that joystick port thats on the older sound cards so it can be ignored. They expect you to use usb joystick.

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Thanks to -x- for the dir path for program shortcuts (all users and username)

as to why, i rearrange have never liked longs lists when I select all programs

so I put everything into 3 or 4 folders with subdirs under that, just a


I was browsing another forum and learned about right clicking on a driver

properties -> compatibility -> run in compatibility mode

then install driver

so now my oem sb live card is working I dont use the creative drivers

rather the kxproject drivers kxdrv3541-full.exe The tray icon doesn't

show up but the windows controls work.

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