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Installing windows xp 64 bit file copy error (pro_seg3.swf)


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k.. so im installing winxp 64 bit that i just downloaded and burned the .iso to a dvd. it gets to 44% and says it cannot copy the file "pro_seg3.swf"

according to google searching (briefly and drunk though) there will be a few more files and are aparently related to faulty or lower grade hardware. i think its just my machine, as its a 2007 quad core vista built machine and windows just doesnt like it. my real question for you good people is has anyone else run into this, and are the files that need to be skipped critical to winxp's survival on my tower?

many thanks in advance to the useful answers, and thanks for trying to the not so much (all in advance of course)


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thanks for the pointer trip, but mmo friends never fail... turns out it was a couple bad disc burns from the .iso file.

read verify is ftw >.<

*goes off to the corner to finish the install and feel like a tool*

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