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Server Error in '/' Application Runtime Error

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Hello fellow msfn-ers!

I am in desperate need for some guidance from a webmaster guru. We are getting the following error message on our intranet site today. This started for no dog-gone reason:

Server Error in '/' Application Runtime Error

First off, I am not the web master for our company, he unfortunately got laid off 6 months ago. I am the network admin with limited knowledge on web management.

This morning our intranet site just stopped working. All other external and internal sites still work which are running on the same web server. Intranet is the only one giving problems. No changes have been made, neither myself or my coworker touch any configuration files regarding websites.

I've restarted the web server and checked IIS, the site is also started.

Checked the eventvwr and saw some error messages regarding some sql services failing. They had the webmasters user account as logon rights. I changed to administrator. Still no go. We have sql 2005 cause there are about 4 sharepoint portal sites. I dont know if the intranet is also somehow integrated with the intranet.

I did notice that it does prompt for username and password. Not authenticating? Maybe that's the problem?!?!

Please help.



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are all the SQL services still online? is this sharepoing 2007 or 2003? if SQL will not start or does not have permission to connect to the Sharepoint servers you could get errors like this.

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