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xpize 5 Beta 3


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I've got the some error message, but I don't understand what you mean with "until then you can use the /ignorePackageCondition command-line switch to bypass the condition check."

Please can you tell me step by step what can I do to install the package without the error message? :thumbup

Hey DADOZ, don't keep w3bbo busy with postings - he has to concentrate on xpize! ;)


Do following:

1.) click the Start button

2.) goto Run text field and type "cmd.exe"

3.) it opens a console window, where you have to navigate to the folder, where the Anolis Installer is located

- use "cd.." to jump one folder back

- use "cd\" to jump back to the root

- use "cd [NAME]" to select a specific file or folder (replace "[NAME]" with the actual name of your target - you can use tab for auto suggestions)

4.) if you reached the right folder, you have to enter the name of the executable, followed by a whitespace and the option "/ignorePackageCondition"

e.g.: "Installer.exe /ignorePackageCondition"

You can also create a shortcut to the Anolis Installer and add the option "/ignorePackageCondition" to the exectuive path.

But w3bbo wants to release Beta4/RC1/Final tomorrow - so I suggest, that you should wait until then. ;)

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