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Corrupt permissions on XP SP3 C: drive using unattended build and WinP

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Hi I'm having issues with out unattended build process, basically this has been working fine for XP SP1 & SP2 but for some reason this has stopped working correctly for SP3.

Basically the issue is the build will complete successfully but when you view the permissions set on C: there are corrupt permissions there, such as:


Administrators (HOSTNAME\Administrators) : Full Control

S-1-5-21-918433936-2086638591-69549339-1108 : Modify

S-1-5-21-918433936-2086638591-69549339-1112 : Read & Execute

It's obviously not matching the SID with the group (SYSTEM & Users I think) but I'm not sure why.. the permission on the folders below are set correctly??

Here's the build process we're using (this has been done in vbscript but I've listed it here in batch script for readability..):


select disk 0
create partition primary
select partition 1
format quick fs=ntfs label="SYSTEM"
assign letter=c

md c:\Source
md c:\Source\Control
copy M:\Deploy\Builds\OPTIMIZED\subbuild\unattend.txt c:\Source\Control\*.*
md c:\Sysprep
copy M:\Deploy\Builds\OPTIMIZED\subbuild\sysprep.inf c:\Sysprep\*.*
imagex /apply M:\Build\Source\WindowsXPSP3.wim 1 C:

md c:\drivers
copy "C:\Source\Control\Build.cmd" "X:\Build.cmd" : (See below for build.cmd details..)
peshutdown /reboot


cscript //nologo M:\Control\updatedrvpath.vbs C:\Source\Control\unattend.txt c:\drivers

cscript //nologo M:\Control\updatedrvpath.vbs C:\SysPrep\SysPrep.inf c:\drivers

C:\Source\OS\i386\winnt32.exe /unattend1:C:\Source\Control\unattend.txt /s:C:\Source\OS\i386 /s:C:\Source\OS\i386 /s:C:\Source\OS\i386 /s:C:\Source\OS\i386 /s:C:\Source\OS\i386 /s:C:\Source\OS\i386 /s:C:\Source\OS\i386 /s:C:\Source\OS\i386 /syspart:c: /tempdrive:c: /copysource:lang /debug4:C:\source\OSdebug.log

I've tested the wim (I386) source is okay and not corrupt, have created a new version of the unattend.txt using MDT2008 Update 1 and this also gives me the same corrupt permissions.. so it must me an issue with my process and with SP3??

This also does not seem to be hardware specific, virtual or physical I get the same results..

Any ideas why this might be happening??

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