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Problem in booting Knoppix live cd


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Actually my problem is booting any bootable cd/DVD from my DVD-ROM.

Since I solved the problem with XP bootable CD using nlite, I'd like to do the same with LINUX bootable CDs and that's why I'm posting in "Other operating system" section.

I've integrated the ICH7 drivers in the XP CD using nlite, which solved the problem.

The only version of LINUX which was booted and installed sucessfuly was Ubunto server.

So How can I integratre ICH* drivers in a LINUX CD/DVD?

Thanks in advance.

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Hmm, that is a very strange problem! I have no idea, but it may be worth trying on the Ubuntu forums as whatever it is that makes the Server version work should be able to be integrated into the Desktop version. Another option (although perhaps not a great one) may be to install the Server version and then install a window manager on top off it. As far as I know the core of them is the same.

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Thanks JedMMeister for your reply......

I beleive that the problem is that my notebook needs those ICH* drivers to boot any CD/DVD....

The Ubuntu server cd must have those drivers integrated in it already...

Your idea of installing the server then the windows manager will perhaps not be suitable to me, because i'm downloading LINUX to learn it....not learning to download it..!!!! :-)

So that may take more time....

all what I need is to know how to integrate those ICH* drivers into other CDs/DVDs rather than XP using nlite or any other program.


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