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How do you edit the USER.EXE file?

I have tried Resource Hacker and it gave me an error, but then found out that it needed to be edited in an Icon Editor.

Now the problem is that my icon editor (Axialis Icon Workshop) gave an error saying that it is not a Valid 32 file.

I then found out that you could edit the icons using microangelo, but when i try to load it up into it it tells me that there are no icons in this file.

Many Thanks for your help



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Want to change the Start Button Icon in WinXP.



That's what information was needed. If you would have specified it earlier it would haved saved your lot of time.

Here is your answer.

The Start button icon on the button is contained in the file

9x - (x:\windows\system\)user.exe

2k - (x:\winnt\system32\)user32.dll

In XP there are no icon in User.exe, that's why you were getting error as no icon and the question regarding editing user.exe.

Yes you can edit it in IconLib software. You can download it from the below link.


Download Iconlib.

Sorry i forgot about your main Question about changing Start button icon. So for that you have to edit bitmap #143 in explorer.exe.

I hope you got your solution. If any problem let me know.

Edit :- you can edit User.exe in IconLib but of Windows 9x but not of Xp.

Enjoy!!! :thumbup

Edited by manikant
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