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server 2k8 and vista on a single dvd

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1> i had made 3 folders, distribution,s x86,v x86,


and i copied my vista dvd to distribution.

then i copied install.wim of server 2k8 to s x86, and moved install.wim of vista from distribution to v x86

2> i merged server 2008 x32 enterprise & standard install.wim in vista x32 all install.wim using giimagex in a single

install.wim,and pasted server standard, enterprise clg files in distribution\source and copy eula of server enterprise, standard to vista license all process done fine.


3 mount both boot.wim of vista and server in 2 different folder, copy eula of server from sources of mounted folder to vista sources overwrite then unmount boot.wim of vista

4> i made a iso using ocdimage cmd


5> when i booted the iso in vmware i get server and vista in os selection menu i install server and vista

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Hi Guy,

Can you give more step by step instructions.

I want something similar to this, and add to pendrive.

I want Windows 7 X86 and X64 (Ultimate and Home Premium) from both Plataform Flavor, with Windows Vista X86 and X64 (Ultimate and Home Premium)

From a Singles DVD (Dual Layer). Maybe i can add languages and other things too

And a Menu to choose witch windows to install ... but running from a 16 GB Patriot Xporter XT PenDrive.

But didn´t right figure out how to do this ...

I will try firt to creat a single iso with Vista X86 and X64 setup ... i think the tutorials are just fine for this, with many documentation.

And try the same with Windows 7 ... didn´t find yet docs.

And then ... how to merge this into a single setup / based on menu or something !?

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