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scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors


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I used smartmontools to determine that I have a bad sector(s) on my e:\ partition in my 640 GB hdd. I ran the XP diskchecker (right-click drive partition>properties>tools>error-checking) and ran the 'scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors' option. After 90 min or so, it finished with a pretty non-descript box that more or less said the process was finished. Is there a log file I can look at to see just how many bad sectors it locked out and which files were affected?


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some info -


apparently, the Event Viewer has the info, but it's not convenient. A Chkdsk from recover console (at least the above says so) will provide a "log".

More info -

You can find the results of a chkdsk session by going to Event Viewer, highlighting Applications, and scrolling down the list looking for Winlogon.

(p.s. again, fix your avatar... we can't see it because of some security rights... just upload it to MSFN!)

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