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[SOLVED] "System Restore is Turned Off" msg during install


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I get the same error as this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...aded&start=.

Which is....

1) During the unattended install. While at the T-13 ... a window pops up that has "windows media player 10" on the top and it says something to this effect..."System restore is turned off and you will not be able to recover your old media player if you continue" I have the choice to click ok or cancel. After clicking ok, all goes fine.

HOWEVER, I do not even install Windows Media Player. In fact, I even removed the core Windows Media Player that is highlighted in red (in the Components section of nLite) and I still get this message. It's only the thing that ruins my unattended install because you need to click OK to continue.

The solution to the above thread just added silent switches to the Windows Media Player install, but this won't work for me since I do not even install Windows Media Player.

The message comes up sometime after OpenOffice is installed:

[Excerpt from my session.ini]


If the message comes up after OpenOffice is installed:

Can I narrow it down to those programs installed AFTER OpenOffice or could it be anything in general ?

EDIT: The issue has been solved, see post #6.


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shado, I'm not sure this is relevant, but you have a hot fix, KB952069, with 'WindowsMedia' in the name. Have you updated something that is not there? Also, please make sure to always start with a fresh copy of your CD files/folders, do all your work in one nLite session and integrate only one SP. Please report when you have a solution, so others can benefit. Enjoy, John.

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shado, does it work if you include nothing in your hot fix section? I would suggest you remove all or most of what is there. If it starts working, then put half back in until you narrow it down. I cannot see anything obvious in you Last Session. Good luck, John.

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thanks i already burned a copy with pure hotfix/updates so i'll install and see what happens.

I'm pretty comfortable with my install rite now so I'm not going to reinstall Windows yet.

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I did a clean install without addons and installed them manually after windows. The issue was the Winamp addon.

Since I do not install Windows Media Player, when Winamp installs.... it downloads a package for Windows Media support. So when Winamp tries to install the Windows Media package... that's when the error message is encountered.

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