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  1. First of all: http://unattended.msfn.org = detailed info on what you are asking you have several options: 1. you can download addons from the applications addon-forum 2. you can try winaddons.com or other websites like mooms posted 3. you can make your own addons 4. use scripts to install them 5. even more i'm not aware off the addons are pretty simple to make, a quick search should get you goin on any of those options. you insert these addons, usually *.cab files during the hotfix/update part of the nLite session. I put my addons AFTER all my updates in a logical order. (For example, don't install an app that needs Java runtimes (JVM or others) before you install the Java runtimes, etc....)
  2. SOLVED. I did a clean install without addons and installed them manually after windows. The issue was the Winamp addon. Since I do not install Windows Media Player, when Winamp installs.... it downloads a package for Windows Media support. So when Winamp tries to install the Windows Media package... that's when the error message is encountered.
  3. thanks i already burned a copy with pure hotfix/updates so i'll install and see what happens. I'm pretty comfortable with my install rite now so I'm not going to reinstall Windows yet.
  4. Nope, I've done installs without the hotfix mentioned and I've still got that message. All my nLite projects are started fresh.
  5. I get the same error as this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...aded&start=. Which is.... HOWEVER, I do not even install Windows Media Player. In fact, I even removed the core Windows Media Player that is highlighted in red (in the Components section of nLite) and I still get this message. It's only the thing that ruins my unattended install because you need to click OK to continue. The solution to the above thread just added silent switches to the Windows Media Player install, but this won't work for me since I do not even install Windows Media Player. The message comes up sometime after OpenOffice is installed: [Excerpt from my session.ini] D:\projects\xpmod\nlite\addons\ProgramAddons_OpenOffice_3.0.1.cab D:\projects\xpmod\nlite\addons\Ricks_FlashGet1.9.6.1073_AddOn.rar D:\projects\xpmod\nlite\addons\slsk157.cab D:\projects\xpmod\nlite\addons\winamp554_pro_all.cab If the message comes up after OpenOffice is installed: Can I narrow it down to those programs installed AFTER OpenOffice or could it be anything in general ? EDIT: The issue has been solved, see post #6. shado2.ini
  6. mine is 480mb but i stripped almost everything... but I have more than 200mb in addons. Even though I stripped a lot of (nearly all) components, do you think my addons are the sole cause of my size? I will post my session.ini if needed, thanks. EDIT: 179MB without addons =)
  7. i simply made my own addon with putting the winamp5541_pro_all.exe in a folder named svcpack and in ENTRIES_winamp5541_pro_all.ini in the parent directory I have the following: [general] builddate=2009.04.27 description=Visit http://www.winamp.com/ for updates. language=Language Neutral title=Winamp Installer version=5.54 Build 2189 website=http://www.winamp.com [EditFile] I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram [AddProgram] winamp5541_pro_all.exe /S that worked for me. i tested winamp5541_pro_all.exe /S on the command line before I made the addon.
  8. I made custom addons for my set of powertoys, however after testing silent installs on the command line; but during the nLite installaton the powertoys were the only thing that did not install. I had to install the msi's manually after also like the member above. EDIT: If anyone has *FULLY* working powertoys addon or can help my troubleshoot my addons , let me know please. I only use: Virtual Desktop, Alt-Tab Replacement, CmdHere, and PowerCalc. But my priority is just the first two.
  9. Thanks for your input about linux and formatting to NTFS. (Ubuntu 9.04 as well) Somehow the problem was resolved. After my troubleshooting events, I put my nLite installation back to see what would happen and strangely, the partition was no longer unallocated but was formatted to a 4gb NTFS partition. I'm not sure how this happened since I was never able to format it during my troubleshooting. The troubleshooting consisted of reloading my grub boot loader mbr image back into the mbr. After this I tried using gParted Live to format into NTFS. However, when gParted opened to scan my drives it went thru hda, hdb and stopped there. My drives are on sda and sdb. I expected it to keep continuing but after unreasonable amount of time it stayed on hdb (tried it more than once). So that's when I decided to try to put in the nLite cd again and somehow it was a 4gb ntfs. Thanks for the help. Windows boots, logs in, and is ready to use in under 10 sec =).
  10. Do you mean a Windows bootdisk to use fdisk utility or any general boot disk? I was previously trying to find a boot disk for partition magic, so that could load up before any OS so I could use it to format the partition. When previously trying to find/make a Windows Boot CD I remember NOT having success. Thanks for your help.
  11. I didnt want to delete all partitions because the other partitions are part of my linux install. Is there a way to format to NTFS with linux? I don't recall NTFS as an option with any linux partition manager I've used. However, if there is no way around this, I will either have to delete all of them and reinstall both windows and linux OR.... reinstall my last version of windows I made with nLite, and try making the image all over again. I didn't want to resort to those options because it seems like this should be an easy fix... given that everything worked OK the first time. It was just supposed to be a quick install by integrating 2 new drivers. adding thunderbird, and updating the current firefox addon to version 3.0.10. ;\ so am I SOL?
  12. yup... the next step was to format to NTFS, instead I get that error whether I press C to create partition or Enter to install Windows.
  13. Well that would be really careless if I did! I don't really remember coming across a formatting support much less removing it since I saying my installation worked the first time. session ini is attached. shado.ini
  14. Hello, I used nLite to make a windows image that worked the first time around. However, I realized that I forgot ethernet and printer drivers, so I made another image to integrate those drivers . However, during the install when I am asked to pick the partition the following happens: I delete my old windows partition successfully, but when I try to create a new partition in that unallocated space I get the following message: "Windows Cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The selected disk has the maximum number of partitions of this type." I'm not sure why since I just installed it with no problem less than 24 hours earlier. Any ideas? I can't boot into Windows to trouble shoot since I deleted the partition already, I am using a Linux LiveCD to post this message. My hard drive in question looks like this: hd0,0 = now unallocated, prior windows partition (~25 GB) [this is where I installed it successfully the first time around] hd0,1 = linux boot partition (~80mb) hd0,2 = linux root partition (~13 GB) hd0,3 = linux swap (~1 GB) Everything is identical to the first image except I integrated drivers for my network card and printer, took out a daemon tools addon, replaced Firefox 3.0.9 with 3.0.10, and I added a Thunderbird addon. Everything else is identical. However, I don't see why any of these would directly cause this issue. To conclude: I am trying to install on the first partition of the first hard drive like I previously did successfully. But when I try to format it to NTFS (I don't even get to that menu to pick NTFS vs. FAT) I get this message from above: "Windows Cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The selected disk has the maximum number of partitions of this type." Any advice would be appreciated. Hopefully I won't to make another image from nLite, since I don't even have Windows installed at the moment. How can I be sure this won't happen again? When you test on a virtual machine you don't go through this stage of deleting/formatting partitions. If you need more info, let me know. Thanks!

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