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[Release] Internet Explorer 8 x64 AddOn v2015-07_1


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5eraph's Internet Explorer 8 Addon

Version: 2015-07_1


  • This addon slipstreams Internet Explorer 8 and its updates directly into an NT 5.2 x64 source.
  • Intended for Windows XP/2003 x64 SP2, with or without localization via MUI packs (Addon).
  • SP2 is required to use this addon. The following old SP1 files in the original installer have been omitted from v2009-03_x for compatibility with RVMi:
    • browseui.dll, shdocvw.dll and shlwapi.dll

      wbrowseui.dll, wshdocvw.dll and wshlwapi.dll

  • All files are from the SP2QFE branch, where applicable.
  • Tested in VirtualBox 4.3.28 throughout development.
  • Tested with and without my update pack.
  • Integrates with RyanVM Integrator 1.6 and nLite, or later versions of either.
  • Due to MSFN rules regarding direct links to Microsoft executables, please visit the mirror topic at ryanvm.net for AddOn download links. :)

    Tweaks INI including all my preferred tweaks. Requires an IE8 addon above.

    Compress for use with nLite. (DETAILS)

  • Link: entries_IE8Tweaks.ini

    Size: 9.13 KB

    MD5: d3281765b2c3e9a647df624dd606277e

Updates Included in v2015-07_1:
  • Note: Bulleted updates can be verified with QFECheck, if it exists on your system.

    Note: See mirror topic regarding bulleted updates and QFECheck. MSFN doesn't correctly bullet specific individual lines at this time.

    High Priority Updates:

    • KB3065822 - MS15-065 - Internet Explorer - Cumulative
    Additional Updates:
    • KB2293762 - ConnectRetries registry fix (machine-wide)
    • KB2598845 - Compatibility View list update (October 25, 2011)
    • KB3074886 - Microsoft HTML viewer
  • All tweaks previously included within the IE8 addon have been removed and placed in entries_IE8Tweaks.ini. Integrate the INI as is to include all my preferred tweaks—they're fully commented and tested—or edit as you see fit. Tweaks must be in INF format and will be applied to all users.

    The following files and their WoW64 equivalents from the IE6 cumulative update have been added to the updated addon since v2012-02_1 to replace almost all of the SP1 files included in the original installer. This was done for completeness as well as to include the fix for the functionality described in KB972582. The inclusion of these files has been tested off and on for over a year with no ill effects. Please let me know if you have any difficulties.

    • browseui.dll ..- Replaces SP1 file included in original installer.

      ieencode.dll ..- Not included with IE8 but added as part of the IE6 cumulative update.

      mshtml6.dll ...- Replaces original IE6 file used until T-13. Original filename: mshtml.dll

      pngfilt6.dll .....- Replaces original IE6 file used until T-13. Original filename: pngfilt.dll

      shdocvw.dll ...- Replaces SP1 file included in original installer.

      w03a3409.dll - Not included with IE8 and not an IE6 file but the IE6 update usually has and needs the latest version.

    The SP1 file shlwapi.dll and its WoW64 equivalent are included in the original installer but are not actually IE files. They are still not included in either addon. The latest version can be found in security update KB2926765 which is included in the update pack.
Edited by 5eraph
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  • [2015/07/16 12:15 UTC] - 2015-07_1[2015/06/11 05:05 UTC] - 2015-06_1[2015/05/14 04:30 UTC] - 2015-05_1[2015/04/17 02:00 UTC] - 2015-04_1[2015/03/11 22:15 UTC] - 2015-03_1[2015/02/11 07:35 UTC] - 2015-02_1[2014/12/10 23:30 UTC] - 2014-12_1[2014/11/12 09:45 UTC] - 2014-11_1[2014/10/15 06:10 UTC] - 2014-10_1[2014/09/10 12:20 UTC] - 2014-09_1[2014/08/13 01:55 UTC] - 2014-08_1[2014/07/08 20:20 UTC] - 2014-07_1[2014/06/11 01:15 UTC] - 2014-06_1[2014/05/14 10:20 UTC] - 2014-05_1[2014/05/02 06:50 UTC] - 2014-04_2[2014/04/08 21:45 UTC] - 2014-04_1[2014/03/12 02:30 UTC] - 2014-03_1[2014/02/12 21:00 UTC] - 2014-02_1[2013/12/10 22:40 UTC] - 2013-12_1[2013/11/13 13:20 UTC] - 2013-11_1[2013/10/10 07:05 UTC] - 2013-10_1[2013/09/11 00:20 UTC] - 2013-09_1[2013/08/14 07:25 UTC] - 2013-08_1[2013/07/10 05:50 UTC] - 2013-07_1[2013/06/14 09:50 UTC] - 2013-06_1[2013/05/15 06:45 UTC] - 2013-05_1[2013/04/10 04:50 UTC] - 2013-04_1[2013/03/13 16:45 UTC] - 2013-03_1[2013/02/13 03:50 UTC] - 2013-02_1[2013/01/14 23:50 UTC] - 2013-01_1[2012/12/12 13:55 UTC] - 2012-12_1[2012/09/21 21:15 UTC] - 2012-09_1[2012/08/16 15:15 UTC] - 2009-03_5 and 2012-08_1
    • Both addons now apply the following modifications to IEAccess.inf:
      • Corrections to code that "adds or removes access to Internet Explorer from the Start menu and Desktop," as described in the Windows Components Wizard. These corrections also apply to IEAccess in the [Components] section of WinNT.sif.
      • Uses IE8-specific icon in Windows Components Wizard.
      Updates specific to v2012-08_1:
    [2012/06/13 04:55 UTC] - 2012-06_1[2012/04/11 23:50 UTC] - 2012-04_1[2012/02/16 01:10 UTC] - 2012-02_1[2012/01/11 10:10 UTC] - 2012-01_1[2011/12/14 16:15 UTC] - 2011-12_1[2011/10/29 12:30 UTC] - 2011-10_2[2011/10/12 21:15 UTC] - 2011-10_1[2011/08/11 19:15 UTC] - 2011-08_1[2011/06/15 23:00 UTC] - 2011-06_1[2011/04/15 18:40 UTC] - 2011-04_1[2011/02/10 17:35 UTC] - 2011-02_1[2010/12/16 00:25 UTC] - 2010-12_1[2010/11/26 07:40 UTC] - 2010-11_2[2010/11/17 11:30 UTC] - 2010-11_1[2010/10/16 07:05 UTC] - 2010-10_1[2010/09/16 23:20 UTC] - 2010-09_1[2010/08/11 22:25 UTC] - 2010-08_1[2010/08/02 23:50 UTC] - 2010-07_3[2010/07/15 00:50 UTC] - 2010-07_2[2010/07/14 03:25 UTC] - 2010-07_1[2010/06/10 22:30 UTC] - 2010-06_1[2010/05/27 19:15 UTC] - 2010-05_2[2010/05/12 02:45 UTC] - 2010-05_1[2010/04/14 09:45 UTC] - 2010-04_1[2010/03/31 08:10 UTC] - 2010-03_2
  • [2010/03/23 23:30 UTC] - 2009-03_4 and 2010-03_1
    • Both addons were made more compatible with Windows 2003 x64.
      • XP-specific IE.inf has been removed in favor of directly editing the existing file in the source through [ExtraFileEdits].
      • Enhanced Security Configuration (IE Hardening) now functions correctly in Windows 2003.
      • Corrected the following error in SetupErr.log when installing Windows 2003:

        Error:Setup was unable to process some components because of the following error in section DefaultInstall of information file ie.inf:The system cannot find the file specified.
      Updates specific to v2010-03_1:
  • [2010/02/24 07:00 UTC] - 2010-02_1[2010/01/26 19:45 UTC] - 2010-01_2[2010/01/21 23:10 UTC] - 2010-01_1[2009/12/10 19:00 UTC] - 2009-03_3 and 2009-12_1
    • INF code cleanup in both addons.
      • Simpler MOVE commands are used for delayed file replacement instead of "PendingFileRenameOperations". As consequences, the files are replaced earlier—at T-13 instead of first logon—and the files are renamed independently of other pending system file rename operations. (Thanks again, YumeYao. :))
      • All line indentation (whitespace) has been removed. This should make the file somewhat smaller. nLite should no longer find whitespace to remove; therefore, it should no longer need to edit almost every line of the file. ;)
      Updates specific to v2009-12_1:
    [2009/11/08 01:20 UTC] - 2009-10_2[2009/10/14 22:45 UTC] - 2009-10_1[2009/10/05 03:45 UTC] - 2009-03_2 and 2009-09_1[2009/06/25 09:35 UTC] - 2009-06_3[2009/06/14 13:30 UTC] - 2009-03_1 and 2009-06_2
    • v2009-03_1 released containing no updates or tweaks.All tweaks removed from IE8 addons.
      • entries_IE8Tweaks.ini now applies all tweaks I prefer and can be easily edited to suit.
    [2009/06/10 11:25 UTC] - 2009-06_1
    • High priority update KB969897 added.

      Added a disabled tweak to prevent the prompt to install Windows Search 4 when typing in the address bar.

    [2009/05/27 14:05 UTC] - 2009-05_3
    • Optional update KB971180 replaced optional update KB969497.

      Implemented an improved method to prevent errors in SetupErr.log.

      • Should prevent nLite from causing the same errors when it updates files in this addon.
      Added the following search providers to [Tweaks.AddReg] as disabled tweaks:
      • Google (default), Microsoft Support Search, Wikipedia (en)
    [2009/05/18 02:00 UTC] - 2009-05_2
    • "Web Slice Gallery" and "Suggested Sites" links in the Links Bar now work correctly. (Thanks again, Sereby. :))

      Corrections to special folders attributes code. (Thanks, OnePiece. :))

      Added [NeededComponents] section to entries*.ini for better nLite compatibility. (Thanks, johnhc and Sereby. :))

      Enhanced "Add or Remove Programs" code to show proper icon.

      Added better disabled tweaks to [Tweaks.AddReg] and removed tweaks that don't work.

    [2009/05/12 08:00 UTC] - 2009-05_1 - Initial release.
Edited by 5eraph
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5eraph, thanks for your AddOn. It is a great step forward. I included it in my latest build and install (VMware Server) and have no errors in Setuperr or System Log. I have used IE8 very little, but fine so far. I do have a couple of questions. Trying to understand how these Real AddOns are constructed, I extracted Sereby's 3 IE8 AddOn. In his entries inf he has the following two lines to protect the IE core from removal via nLite:


Are these not needed in yours? Sereby also included KB968220, I think. I could not find it in yours. Can we integrate this update via nLite after your AddOn? Thanks for your comments but especially thanks for your AddOn. Have fun, John.

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You're welcome. :)

Both are good questions.

While I like to consider myself proficient in creating addons that work with both nLite and RVMi, I'm more accustomed to RVMi addons (I'm also a part-time developer of RVMi). The [NeededComponents] section is specific to nLite, and should prevent you from removing components that are necessary for the addon to function. In this case those components are:

  • 185 = Internet Explorer Core
    187 = Internet Explorer

I will be adding the [NeededComponents] section to the next release of this addon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :)

I have created this addon in such a way that nLite shouldn't have a problem updating most of the files included. I paid particular attention to the files normally included in the IE cumulative updates and KB968220. If nLite has difficulty later on with certain files then I will endeavor to make later versions of the addon more compatible with nLite's file update process. But you should know that the update I have included, KB969497, obsoletes KB968220; you don't need to add it, and nLite should tell you so if you try. ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

5eraph, I ran nLite and have similar results, even though I removed my really large tweak (IE settings). Attached are my .ini, Last Session and the last of the nLited 5erie8.inf. It makes no sense to me. Your tweaks that I commented out are present and mine are not. I must be doing something really stupid and obvious, but I don't see it. Thanks for your help. Enjoy, John.

EDIT: I should add, that again nLite indicated that the .ini was over 50 MB and that your original tweak is in the same folder as mine with the name 5er_Original_entries_IE8Tweaks.ini. Perhaps nLite is processing that.

EDIT2: I just installed a rebuilt ISO (on VM) with no IE tweaks (except my .reg files) and IE8 seems OK but I have some other problems of unknown origin at this time.

Edited by johnhc
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You aren't compressing the INI, johnhc. For nLite to process it correctly, the INI must be the only INI in the folder in which it is placed, or it must be compressed. It seems that my original INI is in the same folder as yours and nLite is integrating mine instead of yours. Try the following addon; it works for me.


Edited by 5eraph
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5eraph, thanks for the reply. The reason I did not compress my .ini is what I reported earlier. When I tried that with my large .ini, the 5erie8.in_, was exactly the same as when I ran my uncompressed .ini. I will separate the files so that I have only my tweaks (7z) in the folder and try that. Right now I am chasing a completely separate and weird problem on my VM, so I will not get the tweaks tested tonight. Thanks again, John.

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5eraph, I tried making another ISO with my tweaks file, compressed and placed in a folder alone. During integration of the tweak file I received the attached error. I also attach my Last Session. Thanks, John.

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5eraph, I have attached the file. The hash of the uncompressed file (7-Zip) is the same as the hash of the uncompressed file you attached in your last reply. I just looked in my 5ERIE8.IN_ and it is not modified by nLite - not surprising, I guess considering the error. I also noticed a rvmtmp folder in my source folder containing the tweaks file. Thanks, John.

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