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XP Pro SP3 Integration Problem


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I got my XPx64 slipstream working great, with a lot of help from johnhc and Kurt_Aust.

Now I'm trying to do the same with XP Pro (32 bit).

The first try resulted in some errors during installation, relating to missing .dll's and might have had something to do with mis-ordered hotfixes.

So I decided to start it again from scratch, this time using hotfix lists from RyanVM forums. Starting from scratch worked out some of the kinks when I was doing the x64 slipstream.

Now, it won't integrate either SP3 or SP2 into my XP SP1. I get the following message with either SP ever time now:


The worst part (I think) is, that it did this step the very first try, it just had issues during the actual Windows installation. I even tried putting nLite on my laptop (which it was never on) to try this, and got the same result.

Anyone seen this issue?

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