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oemscan Keeps Saying OEMBIOS.CAT is Corrupt & The CRC32 Match

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Hi Im Trying To Get This Working And When OEMScan Is Ran I Get The Following

Matched: AcerSystem

Checking Authenticity of OEMBIOS files

CAT file currupt:.\Acer\OEMBIOS.CAT

But The CRC32 Of The CAT File Im Using is 717B6EF3 Which Is The Same That The oemscan.ini Says

So Why? is It a Bug? How Can I Fix It?

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cant you just redownload the oembios files from here

I have Tried a few Different ways

I Have Tried The oembios.net

I Have Tried the files From My Acer XP Pro CD

I Have Tried Extracting The Files From The Computer

And All Got The Same Error

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Manually add the Acer file set to your Base CD and try it.

That will at least tell you if its the .CAT file or OEMSCAN thats the problem.

I Have Made An Acer DVD Using The Same File Sets And It Activates Perfectly!! Just Doesn't Work With OEMScan

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