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Install 7 Without Burning DVD


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I have been doing a small bit of experimenting with windows 7 installation process:

NOTE: Myself & several others have tried these methods with mixed results I have taken what we tried and compiled it into a a list of steps results may very


Basic Tutorial Windows 7 Install Without DVD


Note: this method is recommended for advanced users; this may or may not work for you; always make backups before

modifying your system.

(this is assuming your system meat Win7 requirements)

Method #1

Prerequisites: Must have 2 partions on your hard drive one part of the partion must have an older version of windows

on it it must have enoth space to hold the windows 7 ISO (the other partion can be blank or have an older system)

Download Windows 7 RC (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/default.aspx)

Download Drive Clone (http://www.slysoft.com/en/virtual-clonedrive.html)

1.) Install Drive Clone

2.) Mount 1 Drive Clone CD Drive

3.) Mount Win7.ISO to Drive Clone CD Drive

4.) Begin Setup of Windows

Note: you will be asked to select partition select the one you wish to use

//The setup will extract all nessary files & then expand most of the files your system will reboot select windows 7

when booting you no longer need the CD Image to install Windows (all the nessary files have been extracted) the

installation will continue has normal.

5.) If all went well you should be enjoying your windows 7

Method #2

it is almost the same idea (Prerequisites the same)

Need 2 PCs & a network connection

1.) Network the computer you want to install 7 on to another PC

2.) Install Drive Clone (on the 2ed PC)

3.) Mount 1 Drive Clone CD Drive (on the 2ed PC)

4.) Mount Win7.ISO to Drive Clone CD Drive (on the 2ed PC)

5.) Tell the Drive Clone CD to be shared on the Network

6.) On the PC you wish to install 7 to access the CD drive you just added to your share(s)

7.) Begin setup of windows on the PC over the Network the rest should be the same

**Note I have NOT tested method #2**

It should in theory work fine but it may not when I preformed my install I mixed method 1 & 2 and it worked fine my Friends managed to do it with methods 1 & 2 Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't.

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:hello: The Method of HD-based install under XP that i use ...

+) Keep a NTFS-Partition ca. 10 GB free

+) Unpack (keep the folderstructure) the Win7 ISO (e.g. with 7-zip) in a folder you like (e.g. MYWIN7) - and klick the setup.exe

+) Select the Partition

+) Good Luck ^^


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another method

copy iso the files to hdd

make it bootable [nt6 bootable] and active

run the setup and hold ctrl to cmd

rename the bcd in boot dir to something else

createstore with bcdedit

start the setup by double clicking on it

driver of the cd will not apear

[ took from same blog i dont remember]

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