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Hiden Remote connection to a Host PC


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Okay, I tried to use Remote Desktop Connection for connecting to my computer remotely and it worked and all but cause more then one person uses this computer, I would interfere with whatever they were doing at the same time.

I also tried pcAnywhere but it also interfere with the user of PC which I don't wanna.

I want to

  • connect remotely without interfering with whatever they're doing.
  • connect it so they won't even know I was there.
  • have an ftp connection to my computer that does a great job gaining access remotely without bothering them.

My question is, is there another way to set up my computer so I can connect to it remotely without using Remote Desktop Connection or FTP Clients connection?

Some Facts about my comp.

-Uses Windows XP Professional, The computer that will connect to this computer is using Windows XP Professional.

-I have cable internet, other computer does too.

-Both uses Ethernet Network Cards.

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sounds like you need a modified termsrv.dll file on the client's PC. That will allow you to RDP into their machine without interrupting the current user's session.

Google Search

that would solve points 1 and 2 of your requests. I don't fully understand point 3, so I'm unsure how to solve it.

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