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Wireless & WinPE 2


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a while ago I started on that Wireless Stuff under WinPE2. Maybe that here helps you a bit, I just needed to start some more filter driver and services to get the MAC Address on Wireless networkcards. So after you start wpeinit (to install the drivers) you should do this.

netcfg.exe -l X:\Windows\inf\ndisuio.inf -c p -i ms_ndisuio

netcfg.exe -l X:\Windows\inf\netnwifi.inf -c s -i MS_NativeWifiP

net.exe start nativewifip

make sure to have the inf files and driver files in the right directorys in your boot.wim file. Just jump through the INF Files to get the Files the INF likes to copy or install (just search for .sys). When all works out you are a step closer to get WiFi Support.

Its long ago I played with that, but maybe the hint brings you to get it finished.



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I'm looking at required services and files needed for Wireless.

It seems like I need the following services: WLANSVC, NATIVEWIFIP, EAPHOST, NDISUIO and RPCSS (which is already included in the image).

I have copied the necessary dll and sys files to the PE image. I have added the services to the regedit and enabled them to run automatically.

How can I register dlls in WinPE?

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