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Vista Basic - DisAllow Run Replacement?


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Yes, Vista Basic - why? Idk, but i picked up a client who has 2 desktops running Vista Basic. Anyway, back in XP, there was a Registry sub-Key where i could list the names of executables in both HKCU and HKLM


This sub-key appears no longer to be valid. So i'm wondering if there is a new key out there for Vista to stop running programs... The issue is, an employee at one of the terminals is playing games far too often - and they know how to add/remove programs and everyone has administrator rights :(

Anyway, maybe i'm just doing things wrong, or maybe it's just Vista Basic, but does anyone know how to DisallowRun in Vista?

Thank you

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hey - thanks and sorry for the delay - i don't always have access to the system :-s Anyway, here are the keys i've tried w/o success... for now, i'm testing it on my account on their 'puter. I'm assuming that extra/useless keys will be ignored by Vista.


"12"="Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children-WT.exe"

Then for HKU ( default and the original "owner" acct ), HKCU



After Reboots, i still can't get these to stick as the programs always seem to load and run :-s I'm thinking that perhaps Vista Basic might not include this ability - but also, i'm thinking i'm doing something not quite right here

Thanks again.

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