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I manage a Windows 2003 Domain with around 550 users. I would like some ideas, suggestions on how I can broadcast a random Tip Of The Day Diaglogue-Box each time a user logs on. Tip Of The Day dialogue-box could be something like what appears when you start WinZip. The tips could possibly reside in a central repository (database, txt file), where tips can be added, modified, deleted....

Is there any software availble that'll do this for me ? Please let me know your suggestions, ideas etc..


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You could add a small vbscript snippet (or a very simple C# or VB app) to your login script to do this.

It could read it from a text file (located on a public directory somewhere on the network), or read from a database using ADO (make sure the account used only has the bare minimum permissions i.e. read only, and only on the necessary tables). It's pretty easy do to. You could even use a simple app with a web browser control to display a html page (so you can use fancier text, images and so on), in which case you could even use the web server to "rotate" the pages daily.

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Hi CoffeeFiend,

Thanks for the suggestions.... Yeah, I thought of writing a small VB app to do the same... I wondering if there's some way Windows 2003 has some function for doing so, if there any ready-made apps....

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