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Just a couple of questions...

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Hello everyone! I'm new to this and i'd like to ask anyone who knows these answers.. these questions. I've included a couple of pictures so you know what i'm talking about! And i'm hoping W3bbo will know all the answers to them especially the first one, because he was the one who discovered it!

1: Is xpize compatible with the royal noir theme?


Just some questions about the desktop appearance.


2: With the desktop, are the icons automatically made that big? or did the person who took that screenshot make them that big themselves?

3: On the bottom right corner of the screen, where the time is, i've noticed that it doesn't change colour where the taskbar items are, like vista, now i'm wondering, what does the arrow (if you've hidden inactive icons, the button you click to show them again) look like?

4: Is that "Windows icon" in the bottom left corner, the start button? if so, does the program ViORb (puts the vista orb in for xp users) still work?

5: Does this program run any processes in the background? or does it just patch things and done.

If you can answer any of the questions, i'd be really happy, thanks in advance!

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1. Yes, it's compatible. Royale Noir doesn't need a patched uxtheme.dll to use it (it's already signed by Microsoft), but it'll work fine with the patched uxtheme.dll present in xpize 4.x and 5.x (in fact, Royale Noir is included in xpize 5).

2. Those are 128x128 icons. xpize comes with a utility that allows you to up the icon size from 32x32 (or 48x48 in 125dpi mode) to 128px. But unless you're using a 30" public information display or running at 190dpi we don't recommend it.

3. That's an effect in just that visual style, which is called "Luna Royale" (unrelated to both Luna and Royale styles). You get a plain white angle-bracket style arrow. Other visual styles are included in xpize and you're free to install your own.

4. Yes, that's a minimalist start button. I haven't tested ViOrb so I can't vouch for its compatibility, but I don't see why not.

5. It just patches things during installation then does the rename/overwrite operation on the first reboot after patching, after that it's just like it always is. xpize 4.x includes a few utilities that you can choose to run or not, including an Alt-Tab replacement.

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