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WPI License.

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We have come to the decision that WPI now needs an actual license.

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

We are releasing WPI under the creative commons license with the following restrictions:

1. WPI can be modified as long as you share your modifications with others.

---->1a. It still must remain under the WPIW program name and the mods need to be sent back to us at the www.msfn.org WPI forum section.

-------->1b. Modifications can preferably be emailed to myself (Kelsenellenelvian) or mritter with full documentation of all changes made.

2. WPI is no longer free for business or corporate purposes now.

---->2a. However, non-profit and charity organizations are free to use it.

3. Any other business or corporation that wishes to use WPI in their business may purchase a license at the price of $100 USD per Business.

---->3a. Please contact me (Kelsenellenelvian) at the email address in the About WPI page for further info.

Here is my email address for easier access --> Kelsenellenelvian @ Gmail.com <-- Just remove the spaces.

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HI I would first like to say I love your product. I was just wondering if the license has changed? I would like to use this at a non-profit i volunteer at?

Please let me know if that is still ok



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