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SysTray Icons missing . . .


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Brief History, I purchased this system 2 July, 2008 and have little problems, meaning they are just small that I probably created for myself.

About Mid to end of January, 2009 any icons that were installed in my systray from the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run have STOPPED displaying. The only way to get them is to reinstall manually each program that has one there. Firewall, AnitVirus, Registry Monitor, Java UpDate, Windows Defender, et ceteras. Just what has caused these to suddenly disappear. I have always used that location for my run@boottime programs. I know those programs that I have placed in there are working because of CCleaner/Tools/StartUp shows them all listed.

My system is within my sig and is up to date. Thank you for reading my message,

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This can be closed because it seems with the BIOS update that I have had for several months and just had not installed, my ICONS are back and it seems Windows would not allow them to be installed any longer. Even though they were running in back ground it would not allow them to install ICONS in the system tray.

Thank you to all that have read my post,

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It seems that Windows is causing this problem of NOT installing the ICONS in the system tray, intermittently I get an ICON that Windows is blocking the installation of some programs. Need to click or right click on that ICON to Allow or Disable those programs that are being blocked. It seems Windows Defender is the culprit in this problem, now how do I get them to "PERMIT" my allowed programs to run automatically?

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

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It looks as though no one has any ideas on this problem. Intermittently I get an ICON that tells me Windows is blocking some Icons from being installed. Click on this Icon to Allow or remove. That is NOT all of the time just on occasion.

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