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w32tm Not Working

Taco Bell

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With the WinPE from Vista (a.k.a. 2.0), I've tried adding w32tm.exe and any possible dependencies, but I'm still unable to get results. Running any form of the command (e.g. w32tm /?, w32tm /tz, etc.) quickly returns and produces no output. Registering the EXE and starting the time service also no effect.

I would like to use this program to troubleshoot the time settings under WinPE (e.g. no DST support), but I am unable to get it work and therefore would appreciate any/all assistance.

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Thanks for the warm welcome Tripredacus and yes, that was indeed me who responded to your BurnInTest question.

As for w32tm, I have less of a need for it now as I've since written my own implementation for the time zone aspect (/tz switch), but appreciate your efforts as wouldn't hurt to have a cross check.

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I'm really interesting to get w32tm.exe to work in WinPE, too.

I've seen that the new WinPE3.0 and Windows7 does not work with the net time command.

The command is not supported anymore

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the problem is that w32tm needs the time service

you can start it in xp via net start w32time.

But in Winpe this does not work.

Does other utilities exist to synchronize the clock?



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