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create checkbox when selection is made from dropdown

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hello @LL,

I have some dropdown

<select name='selectedProd'>

<option value='code1'>event 1,IL</option>

<option value='code2'>event 2, IL</option>

I want to create checkbox visible only if user picks event 1 from dropdown, but checkbox would not show up if event 2 will be selected.

is that possible?


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What you could do, is have the checkbox visible at all times, but only able to use when option one has been picked by using a javascript code, such as this:

function updatefields(){
if (document.getElementById("selectedProd").options[document.getElementById("selectedProd").selectedIndex].value=='code1')

<input type="checkbox" name="checkbox" id="checkbox"/>

Hoped that helped.

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You could also make the checkbox initially hidden :

<input id="checkboxNamedID" type="checkbox" style="display: none;">

Then in your javascript show it with :

document.getElementById('checkboxNamedID').style.display = '';

And hide it again with :

document.getElementById('checkboxNamedID').style.display = 'none';

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