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  1. hi all, we are using xcart as our shopping cart. We're in testing phase now and find out that there is no profile ability for providers. Is there a add-on or module that we could download for that? Thanks
  2. hello all, I'm trying to create a shopping cart for my website in php/mysql but have some problems. I've found some tutorials from which I'm trying to combine into one product, because its free and I can see all the coding. One is using couple functions in php but is lacking of billing, confirmation, review page. Another one is plaincart - it has all other pages but its configured for using pay-on-delivery or paypal with developers account, which kinda sucks. Does anyone know some good tutorial to create shopping cart or maybe some cheap shopping cart that we can configure for our needs? Another thing is that we need to use paypal for payment processing. (API) I went through 30 different shopping carts and all have monthly fees, which sucks. We're looking for one time fee. I tried magento, but the code inside doesn't cooperate with our css and couple functions. Any kind of help would be appreciated !! Thanks !!
  3. hello all, i got simple query with listing: $result2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tbl_usr_pic_info where usr_email ='$email1' LIMIT 0 , 3 "); echo "<TABLE BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=4><TR>"; while($row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2) ) { // $row2[4] echo ' <TD><img src =\'' . $row2[12] .'\' width="140" height="160" border="0" >'; // $row2[3] echo "<br />"; echo $row2[1]; echo "<br /> $"; echo $row2[2]; echo "</TD>"; echo "<TD width='10px'></TD>"; } ?> and another code to list one big picture with some data: $result4 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tbl_usr_pic_info where usr_email ='$email1' and pic_info_id < '2' "); $row4 = mysql_fetch_array($result4); $num4=mysql_numrows($result4); ?> <TABLE BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=4> <TR> <TH ROWSPAN='15' ><img src ="<?php echo $row4[12]; ?>" width="240" height="320" border="0" ></TH> <td></td> <TD ><p style='font-size:small;font-weight:bold'> <?php echo $row4[1]; ?></p></TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD> </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD> </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD> </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Price</p> </TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'> $ <?php echo $row4[2]; ?></p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Original/Reproduction</p> </TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'><?php echo $row4[3]; ?></p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Style</p> </TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'><?php echo $row4[4]; ?></p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Listed by</p> </TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'><?php echo $row4[5]; ?></p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Size Type/Largest Dimension</p> </TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'><?php echo $row4[6]; ?>"</p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Signed?</p></TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'><?php echo $row4[7]; ?></p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Date of Creation</p></TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'><?php echo $row4[8]; ?></p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Medium</p> </TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'><?php echo $row4[9]; ?></p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Region of Origin</p> </TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'><?php echo $row4[10]; ?></p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small;'>Subject </p></TD> <TD></TD> <td><p style='font-size:x-small;'><?php echo $row4[11]; ?></p></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small; font-weight:bold'>Description of Work</p> </TD> <TD></TD> <td><?php echo $row4[13]; ?></td> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD> </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD> </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> How to implement these 2 into 1(or other ways?) so if I click on one of the pic from first listing the second listing changes ? Meaning if I click on "small-1-pic" from the listing it will show up on the second. Thanks
  4. hello all, I'm working on code for listing pictures from database. I got the listing, in next step I want to create link "edit info" for each of the listed items. What should I put in editing.php so it will edit each picture? Here is my code for listing $result2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tbl_usr_gal_pic where usr_email ='$email1' "); while($row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2) ) { echo " <TABLE BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=2> <TR> <TH ROWSPAN=8 BGCOLOR='#99CCFF'>"; echo '<img src =\'' . $row2[4] .'\' width="140" height="140" border="0" >'; echo "</TH> <td></td> <TD><p style='font-size:small; font-weight:bold;'>"; echo $row2[2]; echo "</p> </TD> <TD> </TD> <TD><p style='font-size:x-small;'>";?> <a href='editing.php'> <?php echo " Edit Information</a></p></TD> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD>"; if ( $num4 == "1" ) { echo $num4;echo "$nbsp photo";} else { echo $num4;echo "$nbsp photos"; } echo " <br> created on "; echo $row2[7]; echo" </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TD> </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <td></td> <TH rowspan=4><p style='font-size:small; font-weight:bold;'> some text will be here</p> <p style='font-size:small; font-weight:normal;'>Statement will be here</p> </TH> <TD></TD> <td></td> </TR> <br> </TABLE> Thanks
  5. hello all, I got small query to pull out image from database. It creates a table but second image is displayed below (verticaly). I want it to be displayed horizontaly, how can I achieve that? Thanks !! $result2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tbl_usr_gal_pic where usr_email ='$email1' "); while($row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2) ) { echo " <TABLE BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=4> <TR> <td>"; echo '<img src =\'' . $row2[3] .'\' width="140" height="160" border="0" >'; echo "</td> <TD></TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <td>Name</td> <TD> </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <td>$1,000.00</td> <TD> </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>"; } ?>
  6. hello @LL, I have couple hard drives from different linux distro's. on the hdd's are logical volumes created. what i want to do is to backup the data from those hdd's. but when I connect some of them and boot up the system it gives me an error that there are volume group duplicated and it list the UUID. My host system is centos 5. What is the best solution to rename those volume groups or to mount the drives from other systems, so the data will not get lost? Thanks
  7. hi @LL, we are using PHPMailer for sending response emails to our form, and we want to add CC field to it but for some reason I can't get it to work. This is CentOS Server. Here is the part of the script: $PHPMailerLink->AddAddress($destEmailAdr, $destEmailName); $PHPMailerLink->AddCC("WebTester <me@me.com>" ); $PHPMailerLink->AddCC($ccEmailAdr, $ccEmailName); $PHPMailerLink->headers .= "Cc: me@me.com"; $PHPMailerLink->From=$fromEmailAdr; $PHPMailerLink->FromName=$fromName; $PHPMailerLink->Subject = $subjectString; $PHPMailerLink->Body = $messageString; All CC commands doesn't do anything. On this page they say that CC is not supported in Linux, http://www.bahamasgateway.com/shop/inc/mod...dCC(var,%20var) is that true? Is there a way to make it work? Thanks
  8. hi @LL, we are using simple code for validation in zip, but now we want to be able to type the word "NONE" also. How this code can be modified to do that? case 'zip': if ($inString=='') { appendError("Required Field"); } else { $length=strlen($inString); switch($length) { default: appendError("Must be 5 digit zip '00000', or zip+4 '00000-0000' or 'NONE'"); break; case '5': $pattern="^[[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]]$"; $emailTest=ereg($pattern, $inString); if (!$emailTest) { appendError("Only numbers allowed in zip"); } break; case '7': $pattern="^[[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:space:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]]$"; $emailTest=ereg($pattern, $inString); if (!$emailTest) { appendError("Canadian postal codes must be three digits, one space, three digits"); } break; case '10': $pattern="^[[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]]-[[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]]$"; $emailTest=ereg($pattern, $inString); if (!$emailTest) { appendError("Not a valid Zip+4 format"); } break; Thanks
  9. Hi All, We are using self build online store on CentOS server(php,mysql,https) - CMS. First Developer created for us field in online store back-end where we can modify emails that are send to customers. As of now, 2 copies are send in separate emails. We want them to be send as one with CC field. How can we modify attached script to do that? Thanks. 1: emailResponseScript:$salesParameters['directoryURL']="https://somedirsomedir/somedir";$salesParameters['submitButtonURL']="https://somedir/somedir/somedir/images/signupnow.gif"; $salesParameters['fieldLabelStyleString']="style=\'font-size:10pt;color:red;padding-right:5pt;\'";$salesParameters['tagFormatString']="<DIV style=\'width:100%;text-align:left;\'><!tag!></DIV>";$salesParameters['anchorStyleString']="style=\'text-decoration:none;color:#4C310D;font-size:12pt;font-weight:bold;\' "; $emailMessagesArray['1']['templateURL']="https://somedir/somedir/emailTemplates/customerNotification.html";$emailMessagesArray['1']['subjectTemplate']="TEST <!first!> <!last!> <!cartHeader:totalPrice!> <!city!> <!state!> (#<!cartHeader:itemID!>)"; $emailMessagesArray['1']['fromEmailAdr']="registration@something.com"; $emailMessagesArray['1']['fromEmailName']="REGISTRTION DEPARTMENT"; $emailMessagesArray['1']['destEmailAdrTemplate']="<!emailAdr!>"; $emailMessagesArray['1']['destEmailNameTemplate']="<!first!> <!last!>"; $emailMessagesArray['2']['templateURL']=" [url="https://somedir/somedir/emailTemplates/customerNotification.html"]https://somedir/somedir/emailTemplates/cust...tification.html[/url] "; $emailMessagesArray['2']['subjectTemplate']="Party <!first!> <!last!> <!cartHeader:totalPrice!> <!city!> <!state!> (#<!cartHeader:itemID!>)"; $emailMessagesArray['2']['fromEmailAdr']="registration@something.com"; $emailMessagesArray['2']['fromEmailName']="REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT"; $emailMessagesArray['2']['destEmailAdrTemplate']="registrationdept@something.com"; $emailMessagesArray['2']['destEmailNameTemplate']="Registration"
  10. hello we are using visual fox pro for writing automated scritps with some calculation commands and we use fox pro for language for taking input from excel files. We use another software to convert pdf files into excel files to be able to use them in fox pro scripts.(Cogniview PDF2XL Enterprise).Does anyone know any software that will be able to do it from command line and it will be compatible with visual fox pro 9.0 programming? thanks
  11. hello @LL, I have some dropdown <select name='selectedProd'> <option value='code1'>event 1,IL</option> <option value='code2'>event 2, IL</option> I want to create checkbox visible only if user picks event 1 from dropdown, but checkbox would not show up if event 2 will be selected. is that possible? thanks
  12. hi all, I have form in which people renew their agreements online. they can renew up to 5 agreements. I need to check if the expiration date is older than today, late fee will be added. if exp. date is equal or newer - no late fee. I have something like this so far and I can go further with this but my question is, if there is a way to simplify this code a little bit, or to make it shorter? $Today=date('m/d/y'); if ($selectedProdCode="agreem" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] < $Today) { $selectedProdCode=// code with 1 agr and late fee } else { //1 agr if ( $selectedProdCode="agreem" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] > $Today) { $selectedProdCode=// code with 1 agr and no late fee } else { if ($selectedProdCode="agreem" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] < $Today) { $selectedProdCode=// code with 1 agr and late fee } } else { if ($selectedProdCode="agreem" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] == $Today) { $selectedProdCode=// code with 1 agr and no late fee } } /////------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //2 agr else { if ( $selectedProdCode="agreem2" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] == $Today and $errorArray['agr2expdate'] == $Today ) { $selectedProdCode=// code with 2 certs and no late fee } } else { if ($selectedProdCode="agreem2" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] > $Today and $errorArray['agr2expdate'] > $Today { $selectedProdCode=// code with 2 agr and no late fee } } else { if ($selectedProdCode="agreem2" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] == $Today and $errorArray['agr2expdate'] > $Today { $selectedProdCode=// code with 2 agr and no late fee } } else { if ($selectedProdCode="agreemn2" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] > $Today and $errorArray['agr2expdate'] == $Today { $selectedProdCode=// code with 2 certs and no late fee } } else { if ($selectedProdCode="agreem2" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] < $Today and $errorArray['agr2expdate'] == $Today { $selectedProdCode=// code with 2 certs and plus 1x late fee } } else { if ($selectedProdCode="agreem2" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] == $Today and $errorArray['agr2expdate'] < $Today { $selectedProdCode=// code with 2 agr and plus 1x late fee } } else { if ($selectedProdCode="agreem2" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] < $Today and $errorArray['agr2expdate'] > $Today { $selectedProdCode=// code with 2 certs and plus 1x late fee } } else { if ($selectedProdCode="agreem2" and $errorArray['agr1expdate'] > $Today and $errorArray['agr2expdate'] < $Today { $selectedProdCode=// code with 2 agr and plus 1x late fee } } Thanks
  13. hi can we setup hidden values to textbox? like options for select? thanks
  14. hi all, i have this piece of code to check the textbox input: $selectedProdCode="LMQ"; if ($memberDataArray['eventDate']="FEBRUARY 28") //changed from ttevents { $selectedProdCode="febevent"; } elseif ($memberDataArray['eventDate']='ttevents') { $selectedProdCode="ttevents"; } - with this i want to check: if user types: FEBRUARY 28 in the box the system will select febevent if user tyeps: ttevents in the box the system will select ttevents somehow it doesn't work, it selects febevent all the time. thanks!
  15. hi @LL, i have dropdown box which selects event from our sql database using arrays and php. here is the code for the dropdown: $selectedProductCodeTag=" <select name='selectedProd'> <option value='eventcode'> Today, event at my place </select> How to change it into textbox, so users will be able to type in something like: 01-02-2009 which will be date of the event, and eventcode will be changed to 10-02-2009 thanks
  16. yes , i know that i can do that but the thing is that I cant' figure it out the code.
  17. hello, i have this piece of code: <table border=0 cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' class='paragraph' style=margin-top:20pt; width='1146'> <tr valign='top'> <td width='201' height='26' align='left' $fieldLabelStyleString><div align='left'><font color='black'>Certyfying Organization</font>{$errorArray["cprorgname"]}</div> <td height='26' align=left width='945'><input type='text' name='otherInfoArray[cprorgname]' value='{$otherInfoArray['cprorgname']}'> Type of CPR <font face='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' size='1' color='red'><em>*</em></font> Adult CPR <input type='checkbox' name='otherInfoArray[cpradult]' value='{$otherInfoArray['cpradult']}'> Child CPR <input type='checkbox' name='otherInfoArray[cprchild]' value='{$otherInfoArray['cprchild']}'> Infant CPR <input type='checkbox' name='otherInfoArray[cprinfant]' value='{$otherInfoArray['cprinfant']}'> </td> </tr> <tr valign='top'> <td width='26' height='26' align='left' $fieldLabelStyleString><div align='left'><font color='black'>Issue Date</font>{$errorArray["cprissuedate"]}</div> <td height='26' align=left width='26'><input type='text' name='otherInfoArray[cprissuedate]' value='{$otherInfoArray['cprissuedate']}'> Expiration Date {$errorArray["cprexpdate"]}<input type='text' name='otherInfoArray[cprexpdate]' value='{$otherInfoArray['cprexpdate']}'> <br> I attest that I have renewed my CPR certification and will submit documentation to that effect upon request.<font face='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' size='1' color='red'><em>*</em></font> Yes <input type='checkbox' name='otherInfoArray[cprattestyes]' value='{$otherInfoArray['cprattestyes']}'> No <input type='checkbox' name='otherInfoArray[cprattestno]' value='{$otherInfoArray['cprattestno']}'> </td> </tr> </table> <DIV style='font-size:110%;text-align:left;margin-top:15pt;'> <font face='Arial Black, Helvetica, sans-serif' size='5' color='black'>SUGGESTIONS/COMMENTS </font> </div> and I want for people to check the cprattestyes box and go next. if they do not check that box they will not go next thanks
  18. hi @LL, how to turn on java browser on i9 phone? this phone is ok but I don't know how to setup java to get the nice features of the web and to download gmail,googletalk and all other nice things to it. any help? thanks
  19. hi @LL, i have $agreement in .php file this holds text which I need to edit but I can't find it. I tried: print print_r and var_dump but it only display the data and not where this is located. how to find where actual text from $agreement is located? thanks
  20. hello @LL, We have registration system and it was working on ok up till now. When someone tries to register for our event there is an error message: warning: invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dir1/dir2/indexReg.php on line 5400 the code from line is: foreach ($classSelectionArray as $classID => $selectionStatus) and there is another message: processTemplateArray: input is not a record array Our php framework is hosted on webhosting company which has centos. Is it possible that they run some update for php services which caused bad interactions with "foreach" function? maybe older version of php or some respository of it handles this differently ? thanks
  21. hello @LL i use subst command to create local disk G: of D:\folder1\ how to make it permanent? thanks
  22. ok now I got this to work with arrays but I don't know how to setup in such way, when first array is ok, it goes to the next one. [PHP]<? // I have 2 arrays and want them to do: // - if one is complete go to next: // array 1 \\ if ($checkMemberArray) { $cemailAdr=strtolower($checkMemberArray['emailAdr']); $memailAdr=strtolower($memberDataArray['emailAdr']); if ($cemailAdr!=$mcemailAdr ) { $command="sendAccountMail"; $destPage=$PHP_SELF; $label="here"; $quote="\""; $clickString="onClick=".$quote."document.$formName1.operation.value='$command'; document.$formName1.action='$destPage'".$quote; $hrefString="href='java script:submitRoutine($quote$command$quote, $quote$formName1$quote)'"; if (!$label) { $label=$command;} $$command="<A $hrefString $clickString>$label</A>"; $errorArray['emailAdr']="Email Already registered"; $processMsg.=" <DIV class=processMsgError> .<P> Our records shows that this email has been registered for this event <P> Please provide different email address </DIV> "; } //end of array 1 \\ // array 1 \\ if ($checkMemberArray) { $cFirst=strtolower($checkMemberArray['first']); $cLast=strtolower($checkMemberArray['last']); $mFirst=strtolower($memberDataArray['first']); $mLast=strtolower($memberDataArray['last']); if ($cFirst!=$mFirst or $cLast!=$mLast) { $command="sendAccountMail"; $destPage=$PHP_SELF; $label="here"; $quote="\""; $clickString="onClick=".$quote."document.$formName1.operation.value='$command'; document.$formName1.action='$destPage'".$quote; $hrefString="href='java script:submitRoutine($quote$command$quote, $quote$formName1$quote)'"; if (!$label) { $label=$command;} $$command="<A $hrefString $clickString>$label</A>"; $errorArray['emailAdr']="Mismatch email and name"; $processMsg.=" <DIV class=processMsgError> Email doesn't match our records. It has been registered already with different First & Last Name<P> There needs to be different f.name and l.name for each of the registrants </DIV> "; } else { $memberDataArray['first']=$checkMemberArray['first']; $memberDataArray['last']=$checkMemberArray['last']; } } } //end of array 2 \\ ?>[/PHP]
  23. Hi @ll, I have the following function to check when users register to our system. It validates f.name, l.name and email address. How to update this code, so when users try to register even with the good credentials it will give the message: " You are already registered for this event, if you continue you might be charged again". If possible use query to connect with database? ?>
  24. Hello All, I want to create php system that will validate when users register for the event today (for example), it will check in mysql database if they did not registered for this event before. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks !!

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