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Thank You Dino Nuhagic - nuhi

Melissa Rose

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:hello: Hi Everyone,

I'd like to Thank nuhi - Dino Nuhagic for creating such a delightful piece of software :thumbup !!!! I had the best time playing with your Nlite program today!!!!!!!!What ABSOLUTE FUN :w00t: !!!! After having to reformat and re-install the operating systems on our three computers this week - 2 of which dual boot - I certainly wish I had found this program before. What a great idea. It is so easy to use :thumbup !!!! It did take me three times to actually end up with a disk but I can be pretty slow sometimes :rolleyes: !!! The first error was mine but the second error was -


When I tried to install what I thought was a service patch. It let me add it back in the Hotfixes menu but when I went to finalize the session at the end of the program that is when I received that particular error. But it was easy to correct and now I have an AWESOME install disk for my darling hubby - who is slightly computer challenged - that even he can install :thumbup !!!! What a great Day and an AWESOME Program - THANKS SO VERY MUCH :yes: !!!

Best Regards Melissa Rose

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I would also like to make known my thanks. Ever since 2004 and the impending release of Windows XP Service Pack 2, nuhi has been working diligently to provide a quality piece of software whose purpose was to provide modularity to Windows XP. I have followed along and saw this software blossom, being very receptive to user feedback and in the end, provided us with not only customization for XP, but the possibility of bloat removal for Vista with Vlite. Thanks for your years of hard work!

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