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Can't boot after imagex file restore

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i'm having a big trouble.

i build an imagex image(WIM), and when remove the partition, then create a new one and then restore the imagex image file it won't boot.

i don't how make it bootable, it just boot if i format the partition, but i want every time a create a new partition and restore the image it boots.

i've try the bootsect /nt52 c: /force

but nothing...

hope someone help me.

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Thanks for replying.

i've used the boot option to deploy the image.

i've searched the net and i know that the imagex doesn't create the mbr section. i use the gparted to build new primary ntfs partition, and then make the partition bootable. but when a restore the image it doesn't boot :(

if i restore with ghost then restore again with imagex it boot sucessfuly.

i don't know what to do, i'm stuck


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