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IE8 on Vista - Folders Open in New Window?


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After the release of the final IE8 bits this morning, I installed it on my Vista Business 32-bit installation. However, I noticed a significant glitch after installing it: Whenever I am browsing through folders on the hard drive in Explorer, all folders open in a new window.

In the Folder Options window, the button for "open each folder in the same window" is selected. I've tried selecting the other button, pressing "apply", then reselecting the "same window" button, selecting "apply", and restarting, but the folders still open in new windows.

I have not tried any direct registry edits yet. I do not have this issue on the XP installation on the same computer.

Has anybody else noticed this? Anybody know a fix? Thanks in advance!

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This worked for me, but YMMV...

Before I installed IE 8, I had created an image of the system, so I uninstalled IE 8 by reimaging the known good image. The folders opened as they should - in the same window.

The files in the IE 8 .exe can be extracted using WinRAR or 7-Zip. Upon extracting the files, there are four files within the .exe - one of which is called ie8.msu. (For those of you who don't know, .msu files are Vista's update files.) I saved this file and deleted the rest.

I then reinstalled IE 8 by running the .msu file. The installation proceeds like you are installing a Vista update, rather than the standard IE 8 installation screens. After the install completes, it prompts you to restart Windows. Before restarting, I confirmed that folders still open in the same window.

Then, after restarting, but before running IE 8, I once again confirmed that folders still open in the same window. After the first run of IE 8, I checked it one last time - the folders open in the same window, as they should.

It worked for me...maybe it won't for you, but I'd rather put this information on the Interweb than not.

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This has a very easy fix. Just run internet explorer as Administrator for once and the problem will go away.

Whilst running IE8 'as an adminiistrator' does indeed work - for security reasons I ask is this a good idea?

The problem seems to affect some systems and not others. The non-techy vista users I asked were not affected by this problem and I suspect that this is because they log in as administrators since this is the default vista account created during setup (?)

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