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WD 500GB , drivers not working

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I have a 500GB external HD, and i have XP SP1 install. I can not seem to use or extract sp2, because everytime i do, it seems saying its corrupt. I have downloaded sp2 from like 6 different sites, all corrupts, even sp3.

SO i think i need some usb drivers or something, any help please :(

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My external HD is not hook up, i can't hook it up because i need SP2( which i am guessing ) to have the correct drivers, because when i hook up my external HD, it finds a mybook device, but can't locate the drivers.

I need sp2, or some usb drivers so my external can be found.

Also i already had sp2 orsp3 on my local hd, it keeps saying the files or file is corrupt when extracting.

Its the only file that says its corrupt. i don't know whats going on. But once i have sp2 install, i can solve all these problems

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