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Missing Paint shortcut


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Problem 1:

MSPaint wasn't removed, but the shortcut was. I can still run it from Run..

Attached is my config.

Problem 2:

And to top it all off, I'd like to create an IE shortcut in the Accessories folder. Any tips on how to do that?


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VulturEMaN, when strange things happen, like disappearing short cuts, usually nLite has been run more than one time against the same source. Please make sure to always start with a fresh copy of your CD files/folders, do all your work in one nLite session and integrate only one SP. What system are you running nLite under - Server 2003 (32 or 64 bit?) or XP x64? I suggest you look into Windows Post Install (WPI, couple forums below nLite's). From it you can have all kinds of fun after install. Enjoy, John.

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yea, the CD worked just fine if i don't nlite it.

Trying to nlite this disk doesn't work at all. It didn't uninstall alot of services, it didn't do the guirunonce, it didn't set a couple settings i asked it to (like cleartype).

Although my post count is low, i've been using nlite since july of 2005, and I know what I'm doing as far as not nliting the same directory twice and proper configs. I never tried doing a Dell disk before....

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I think i know where your problem is.

When you select components, look at the advanced button.

Click it, remove every line on Keep Files side (leave it by default, 1 file to keep, 2 files to remove).

That is a prehistoric bug. :whistle::hello:

You can try to get the same bug this way:

Select images and avatar components, go to advanced, try to keep these files:




you can put there any of the avatars or wallpapers name, is the same result, no shortcuts.

Recomendation: dont use advanced option not on your next nliting.

After success you can start trying with files to keep if they are not where youd like to have m.

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