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Problem Loading DLL


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I found The Laugh Track Assassinator on a whim searching for if it was possible to remove the laugh tracks from videos since theyre really annoying. Everytime I try to load it using regsvr32 laughtrackassassian.dll I get this error message:

Loadlibrary("LaughTrackAssassinator")failed - This application failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application might fix the problem.

Does someone know how to fix this, I'd love to get this working.

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What version of Windows?

Are you logged in as administrator?

What version of DirectX is installed?

Did you install the same version of the DirectX SDK as the version of DirectX on your machine?

This file is for 32bit Windows only.

This DLL does the same on my computer. I am running Server 2003 Standard x86, which I know does not properly work with DirectX.

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How do you plan on using it? The website has it used in GraphEdit, but I am sure there would be other ways to use it. I think this file is designed to be a DirectX filter. Do you have other software to add it? I tried using it recently but I couldn't figure it out.

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i planned on using it in media player classic, I attempted to follow these instructions but it fails at the regsvr step...

To install, follow these steps:

* Copy the LaughTrackAssassinator.dll file into your C:\Windows\System32 folder.

* Open a command prompt window (Start->Run->“cmd”).

* Type “regsvr32 LaughTrackAssassinator.dll” and press enter in the command box.

* The Laugh Track Assassinator is now registered with DirectShow.

Now that the filter is registered, most any DirectShow based media player should be able to use the filter on any media. We tested the filter with Media Player Classic, a free media player that can be downloaded here. Here are the steps to get it to work:

* Open Media Player Classic.

* Go to View->Options->External Filters.

* Select “Add filter...”.

* Select the Laugh Track Assassinator from the list of available filters.

* Select the newly added filter, and select the “Prefer” radio button.

You can now view any media that has audio and it will automatically run the Laugh Track Assassinator. In order to get video back in sync with the audio, you can set the audio delay to 500ms in Media Player Classic by using the + and – keys on the numpad of your keyboard.

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Here is my best guess.

The programming language that this DLL is coded in requires a specific set of assemblies to be installed onto the client in order for Windows to know how to use this file. It is likely you are missing these assemblies. By assemblies, think of them as other DLL files needed so that custom files can be run.

You can see an example of this theory on the following, which is a website that talks about making custom programs and DLLs:


The website says that it was converted into a C++ format. I am not sure if that is anything to worry about. So, you can start by installing the Visual C++ Runtime Libraries. Install one at a time until you are able to register the DLL. You will want to check Add/Remove Programs first to see if you have any already installed on your computer. You will not need to reinstall those ones.

Here are some links to the downloads. You want to only get ones that say "redistributable" in the name. There should be one for each major version of Visual Studio, so 2005, 2008, etc.


As a last resort, the CNX.org site has a link at the bottom of the page to email the author.

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