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Audio Problem with some AVIs

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i'm running the 7057 build of x64 Win 7. i have the v103 win7codecs installed, and the v105 win7x64components.

when i try to play avi files uisng Media Center, most of them work but for some of them the video works but i get no audio. there are no software errors displayed, but my Sharp LCD TV displays the following error:

"An incompatible audio signal has been received. Check the output device settings." the TV is connected to the HTPC using HDMI.

these same avi files play ok using vlc or graphstudio. any suggestions on what i need to tweak to fix this?


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i believe the media player (which is used by media center) is still a beta and they are working on video playback.

i had a problem playing an avi full screen with media player. i got audio but no video and moreover, the keyboard wouldn't work. i had to cold reboot. the video played fine in media player classic.

anyway, i don't think a tweak will fix it. might just have to wait for future builds before things are worked out.

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I believe the audio drivers in current Windows 7 builds are not working properly, this may cause problems on certain audio devices. I have personally encountered unrepairable audio problems using SPDIF TOSLink with external creative X-Fi sound card.

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@mold: Build 7057 is a leaked build, thus warez. You will not get help here with warez. Please read the forum rules before posting. Thank you! :hello:

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