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What's new in xpize 5?

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I know all of us are excited about the upcoming xpize 5 release, but what will be new?

I guess all I know of is that its being re-written in a new code base (C#).

What else is new?

Maybe someone in the know can release some juicy details to keep us excited.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for asking.

Most of the work is on the installation and resource-patching framework, but the main things the end-users will see are:

a) More visual styles (no need to install xpize 3.2 anymore)

b) Luna Element, Luna Blue, and Black styles built-in (Zedox has some competition)

c) SP3 support (in fact, SP3 will be required to install it), this includes an SP3 version of uxtheme.dll

d) NT5.2 x64 support (which means XP Professional x64 and WS2003 x64 support)

e) Better uninstallation (no ugly hacks and no system crashing when botched)

f) Faster installation (since everything is done in-process)

g) And new resources here and there (naturally) including redesigned GINA banner for XP Tablet PC Edition (yellow was ugly) and a new banner for x64 XP and WS2003

h) which reminds me...

I'd like to make this thread the place where people can post suggestions for new and otherwise improved resources in Windows XP SP3. I'm already aware of the need to fix up Remote Desktop Connection 6 and Internet Explorer 7 (I won't do IE8 as it's still in Beta, but maybe an xpize 5.1 will correct that).

So post away :)

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