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What to remove?


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I've updated my signature...that is my configuration.On Hardware support tab i'm not sure if to remove those or not.

And those are...

1. agp filters..........my video card is on x16

2. ali1535 sm bus host controller.......what is that..for what?:)

3. ali ide controller...idem nr.2

4. cmd pci ide controller...idem nr.2

5. floppy support.....if i don't have floppy disk is there a problem to remove that?

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- The agp is for older video cards that used the agp bus, pci and above doesn't need this.

- ali1535, and ali ide controller is for older motherboards that used the Ali chipsets, not needed it using

intel, nvidia chipsets.

- floppy support, not needed if no floppy present.

-cmd pci ide controller, this may be needed for any ide devices like hd or older dvd writers.

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