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How to unlimited connection in IIS 5.1 FTP?


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You can't. IIS 5.1 is limited to 10 connections as it's a desktop OS.

If you want/need more, then you have to buy Win 2003 or win 2008, which have IIS 6 and 7 respectively, and have no such limits.

Not that I'd use IIS for a FTP site mind you...

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Could it possibly be caused the the TCP/IP limits in Windows XP?

It isn't.

They sell a "cheap" windows web server edition specifically for this purpose.

But again, I'd just use a decent ftp server app if I meant to have a ftp server. Not that 10 simultaneous conns would be a big issue for most home users, as the usual 1mbit or less of upload speed divided by 10 users only gives users speeds of like 10KB/s on a good day, and more users would mean even slower (dialup-like speeds pretty much)

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