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Move "Documents and Settings" folder to other Drive


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Hi guys,

I don't know whether this had been asked...

Alright, here's the scenario...

I've setup a new computer for common use purposes and its joined to my company domain.

Is it possible to shift the default user profile folders to other drive instead of residing in c:\documents and settings\<user_profile>?

eg, when user "Abc" logon to the com, the profile directory will be in "d:\documents and settings\abc" instead of "c:\documents and settings\abc"?

Then user "Xyz" logon, the profile directory will be in "d:\documents and settings\xyz" instead of "c:\documents and settings\xyz"? Assuming tat both "Abc" and "Xyz" is logging on for the first time on the com.

Thanks for ur help!

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It's actually kind of ugly to do once the os is loaded. But as iamthekey posted it can be done.

You can also do it via the unattended answerfile and then the entire docs and setttings folder and all of the user profiles will be there including admin, default user, all users, etc. You can even easily rename "documents and settings" to something else if you so desire. The only gotcha is that the drive that the docs and settings folder is to be placed on must be formatted before the folder is created.


ProfilesDir="D:\Documents and Settings\"

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It will effect any computer to which the Group Policy is applied. If you create a sub OU and apply the GPO to it then move all the machines you wish to use roaming profiles to it only those machines will hace roaming profiles.

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