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Start Menu Entries & Customization to One Pane View ?


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Hello there,

Two tweaky Questions (it's englisch?) :unsure:

1) Do You know a Way to customize the W7 Startmenu to a smaller 1 Pane View?

windows-7-start-menu-right.jpg _________ windows-7-start-menu-right-2.jpg

2) Is there an Option to add Entries or Button Menues to the right (black) Start-Menu-Side?


bye, so far :hello:

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I made a mess of things.

In 7 you can only drag links and "pin to start menu" after which it'll be pinned to the top of the white part.

However, there is a way to change the name of a folder that you don't use and use that for your own purposes:


Here's how to do it in windows XP:


Maybe you can figure out how to do it in vista/7 from it. (do not run the regkey)

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Thank You,

I dont't want the white Part - but that's a beginning - without the (XP) Classic Menu and

the Taskbars (Toolbars) I'm "naked". ;-/

About the WMP.REG: hm, I will take a Look... :blink:

BTW: Oh Yes! XP... the space- & use-friendly Classic Menu + (Autohide) Toolbars on the Desktop Sides - like it so. B)

xp-symbolleisten-oben.jpg _________ symbolleisten_rechts.jpg


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