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Users who recovered their 7200.11 drives

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Are your SMART readings normal? I ran mine through Speedfan and it came back with this one:

Hardware ECC Recovered 28 28951300 Watch

Warning: Hardware ECC Recovered is below the average limits (33-100).

Raw Read Error Rate and Airflow Temperature were slightly in the red zone, too. But I'm not sure what these values are, anyway. Did you all do a complete reformat? I've been running it normally like nothing has happened, after I took the stuff that I wanted back from it onto another drive.

- Eli

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I'll give the chkdsk command a try.

One strange thing, I had copied some files from the Seagate over to another hard drive. Then I unplugged it to put it into another computer. Going back to look at the files I had copied, the folder had become corrupted (?). But I copied them over again and they were fine.

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Raw read errors are critical. There are several smart-attributes and this one is on top of the list. Probably because it's the one that is most significant. It's the rate of hardware errors that occur when the head reads the disk-surface. This can and will cause data corruption. All this can be expected on old worn out drives, but not in this case. I'm afraid that this drive is far from recovered.

These 7200.11 stories are so sad. Good that I have a 7200.10.

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