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Office 2002 XP Professional Dutch; English Menus possible?


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I do have an Office XP 2002 Professional Dutch installation cd here.

After installation, menu's are in dutch as also the autocorrection etc....

I know how to change the autocorrection settings from dutch in another language, but is it also possible to change the menu from native language in english?

I am asking because I do have an english setup at the moment; all programs in english and os in english.

In that setup I do not like to have my office in dutch....

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O yes, I know this embarrassment very well...

It can be worse: on a French Win95, I've had a German Excel and a Spanish FrontPage - and now, my French Word97 (and even non-Office applications) tells me "Enregistrer? Ja - Nein" and "Format de fichier : Formato Word6 para Win95". I don't laugh.

What does work with Office97 FrontPage2000 Win95 Win2000 WinNt4 WinXp is use your nice Dutch licence to install an English software using an English Cd you borrowed (I have none, sorry). I guess it works with Office2002 as well. Only Oem vs full licences are not compatible, or Workstation vs Server etc, but licence languages are up to now.

I'm not satisfied with it, since free software written by one or few persons often comes with 30 languages that you can switch when running, and Microsoft still doesn't do it properly. No, I won't advocate OpenOffice, which is so slow and now slows down Windows' start.

If you find a good keyboard usable for all Western European languages with Latin alphabet (need Fr De Es Pt En It), please do tell me! I've seen some and I'm not very convinced.

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Thanks Pointertovoid.

I think I will decide to buy a new Office package when Windows 7 is out and I have to install everything again.

Then all software will be english, no dutch or whatever...

This version will go to my wife then ;)

About the keyboard; good point. Unfortunately I can not help you with that one....

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