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bug in SP3QFE-win32k.sys of windows xp hotfixes in a non-english langu


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Hi, there.

i find a bug in win32k.sys.

you know M$ release hotfixes in two grades, one kind is GDR, another is QFE.

with latest SP3QFE-win32k.sysES for windows XP, the message table resouces, however, has some entries added.

it's al-okey in an english version of that, but in other languages, it's kinda corrupted.

let me explain it:


236, "show status"

237, "EnableHexNumpad"

243, "Embedded Standard"

244, "Embedded POSReady 2009"

606, "DdeSendTimeout"

607, "LowLevelHooksTimeout"


look, the new entries 243 and 244 has been added. however, for a non-english win32k.sys, the translation is directly copy-and-pasted without any confirmation.

yeah you may got it. here is what's it like in a non-english win32k.sys


236, "show status"

237, "EnableHexNumpad"

243, "DdeSendTimeout"

244, "LowLevelHooksTimeout"




so then things went messed up.

i post this thread to let you know about the issue,

and i hope someone can help me send a feedback or a bugreport to Microsoft, 'cauze i failed to find how(getting Microsoft Connect then confused about what next... oops)


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In the previous versions of "win32k.sys" in Portuguese Brazilian language (PTB) this bug appears in QFE brand.

The bug was fixed in the new version of the file:

MS09-006: Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel could allow remote code execution


The error doesn't appear anymore in QFE PTB version; the translation was fixed.

Best regards, :thumbup


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