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Windows 7 and Office XP Professional 2002


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I am wondering if the combination Windows 7 beta and Office XP Professional 2002 will work.

I know that Outlook in Office XP Professional 2002 needs Outlook Express and I can imagine this could be a problem.

Does someone tested this combi or can someone tell me based on his knowledge of Office / Windows 7 what I can expect of it?

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That's my point.

At this moment I am using XP and I would like to test Windows 7 and use the beta's till the definitive version is there.

At that moment I would decide to buy the latest Office version, where I do have Office XP Professional 2002 at the moment.

2002 does have the same backend as 2003, but unfortunately you did not try it, so you can not tell if it is working.

About Vista; Opera is working under Vista, so yes then Opera should work under Windows 7 also.

Thanks ;)

@the rest;

Someone tested Windows 7 in combination with Office XP Professional 2002?

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Okay, working now from a fresh Windows 7 install with a working Office XP Professional 2002 including mail and ofcourse Opera 10 alpha preview.

Although slower then my tuned XP installation, Windows 7 is performing very well on my two years old laptop.

But, ontopic; I do know outlook is working now, so no answers needed anymore ;)

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