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Root Drive Space

sheikh shah

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I have a 40 GB HDD with partitions of 10 GB each.

My root drive has the following folders.

windows =4.5 GB

Program Files = 1.64 GB

Documents & Settings = 529 MB


this totals to around 7 GB but the free space available shown is only 300-400 MB, Is the rest 1.6GB reserved by the VIrtual memroy/pagefile ?

2ndly a friend said that WIndows folder shd not be more than 2-3GB. He suggested that there would b a lot of unwanted materail in that folder that could be thrown away. I do clean up my partitons which means my "Temporary Internet files" folder is usually not filled much. Plz suggest how n where to find that garbag that I can del to clean up "Windows" folder in the Root drive?

I would be grateful if u guide me in detail in this matter.



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