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Are All or Some of These NET Framework Updates Necessary?


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(Operating System is XP Pro_SP3)

I downloaded NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 full package.

Now, I'm looking at this page:


Three updates are listed. 1 and 2 are for earlier versions

of NET Framework. Number 3 is for NET Framework 3.5_SP1.

The instructions are confusing, to say the least!

Under "Additional Information" it says, "Please download

and install all 3 updates available in the section titled Files in

This Download. These updates should be installed in the

following sequence:"

When you scroll down the page to "Files in This Download"

it seems to contradict the instructions under "Additional

Information." It says, "The links in this section correspond

to separate files available in this download. Download the files

most appropriate for you."

Which instructions are correct? Do I install all three updates

or only the one specifically for NET Framework 3.5_SP1?

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The three updates are listed on the page. When .NET 3.5 is installed, all three things are installed. So if you are looking for updates, having the first .NET 3.5 (not service pack 1) installed, then download all 3.

If you downloaded the full .NET 3.5 package and it's dated at the same time as the other patches, then you should be fine and not need to update anything.

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Thank you Glen9999.

I just downloaded the full NET Framework package yesterday.

I should have realized that the patches are needed only with

earlier downloads of NET Framework 3.5_SP1.

Still, when you read those two different sets of instructions it

makes you wonder about how Microsoft creates these pages.

It looks like they cut and pasted some stuff together. Would

any of us write such confusing instructions? I hope not!

Thanks again.

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